Is buying a used car a good option?

Buying a used car decreases the worry of depreciation. On buying a new car, the value of the car reduces drastically the moment it is registered in under your name. Whereas when buying a used car the value reduces in a much slower pace.

What does Route66 do before procuring a car?

Before a car makes it’s way into our portfolio, it has to cross a 100 check points that ensures and evaluates the car from the time of its purchase till its current usage.

Will you take exchange of my car for another car in Route66?

Yes, we do take exchange. Again the same process of the 100 point check up will be applied here. If your car qualifies, we will be ready for the exchange.

If I’m selling my car Will Route66 buy it and how will the paperwork be done?

We do buy all kinds of cars once it passes our qualifying factors. Anyone who is selling their car can have a hassle free experience as we will take care of the paperwork completely and send a copy of the RC transfer once the sale is done.

Does Route66 provide Pan India delivery?

Yes, we do deliver are cars throughout India in the most efficient and safe manner.

Is The Booking Amount Refundable And Are There Any Deductions?

Customer's booking amount is 100% refundable in case the deal doesn't happen for any reason. We don't keep advances as this helps our customer's trust us more and be open for future transaction without any hesitation.